Photo by Jess Rose.

Photo by Jess Rose.

XX are a youth led feminist network from a diverse range of backgrounds. We believe freedom of assembly, association, opinion and expression are fundamental principles of women’s liberation.

We believe

We are united under the shared understanding of women’s oppression being sex-based. We believe this theory accounts for the collective experience of all women, who experience oppression as a sex class, and reaches across geographic, cultural and economic differences. We argue that biology is the basis of this oppression and gender is the means by which it is maintained.

We are therefore gender abolitionists. Gender is a system that advantages men and disadvantages women. We reject any kind of biological essentialism that seeks to naturalise gendered stereotypes.

We support women’s reproductive sovereignty. We reject attempts to undermine the class recognition of women with language like “pregnant people” which obscures the reality of a common condition and isolates women from one another.

We are sex trade abolitionists and seek to end demand. We recognise that money is coercive and endeavour to create a world in which women do not need to temporarily suspend their sexual autonomy in order to survive.

Our History

We have witnessed an increasingly hostile climate develop towards women who assert the reality of biological sex or same-sex attraction and wish to carry out feminist activism on that basis. 

We maintain that there is nothing hateful about discussing legislation and to argue such is a new version of misogyny that seeks to prohibit women from fully engaging in public life.

Feminists are being silenced and defamed within universities. Women are losing their jobs for acknowledging sex differences. Lesbians are being bullied for rejecting male partners. Abolitionist feminists are being attacked at marches.

We formed because we challenge this patent misogynist pushback against feminist organising. We encourage women everywhere to join the revolution.